Nuclear energy exercises

E = mc2

E = energy in joules
m = mass in kilograms
c = speed of light 3.00 X 108
metres per second

1) Considering the mass of the deuteron(the isotope of hydrogen whose nucleus consists of a proton and a neutron) nucleus to be 2.014102 atomic mass units calculate the binding energy of the proton and neutron in the deuteron. The mass of a proton and a neutron in atomic mass units is given below.



2) Using the answer from 1) above, calculate the amount of nuclear binding energy in 6 grams of deuteron

3)a) Write the nuclear equation that represents the formation of a helium nucleus from the fusion of four protons

.b) Given that 4 protons fuse to form a helium nucleus of relative mass 4.002604 atomic mass units and a positron of relative mass 0.000549 atomic mass units calculate the amount of energy that is given out when 12 grams of helium is formed.