Chemical snakes

You will need:
- 2 grams of sodium alginate
- a solution of calcium chloride (1 gram of calcium chloride per 100 ml of water)
- a large syringe
- 100 ml glass graduated cylinder
- food colouring
- 2 x 250 ml beakers
- salt

Slowly add the 2 grams sample of sodium alginate to 100 ml of water while stirring vigorously. If you add the sodium alginate quickly it will form clumps.

Put a drop of food colouring into the sodium alginate solution.


Fill the 100 ml graduated cylinder with the calcium chloride solution.

Draw up the coloured sodium alginate solution into the syringe.

Place the tip of the syringe into the calcium chloride solution and squirt the sodium alginate at a constant rate into the solution.


 View the video on the right of the reaction.
 You may even handle the snake 
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