Greenhouse Effect


Photosynthesis is a process that captures atmospheric carbon in the form of plant material. Forests are huge carbon sinks. Deforestation releases carbon back into the atmosphere and reduces the amount of plant matter that can absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Logging for wood and the clearing of forests for farming cause huge destruction to our forests and in the process release carbon into the atmosphere. Also contributing to deforestation is the clearing of land for farming and pastures used for animals such as cows.

Western culture, with its life style of fast food and reliance on cars, is putting pressure on global warming. Not only is our family car burning fossil fuel but our taste for fast food is causing global deforestation. As more trees are cut down, less carbon dioxide can be recycled. Deforestation occurs in the tropics at the staggering rate of 860 acres, every 15 minutes. Our demand for cheap meat for hamburgers puts pressure on countries to claim more land for farming. Forests are being cleared to make room for farming and grazing land.
Describe how a world wide demand for fast food, such as hamburgers, impacts on global warming.

Identify the gas coming out of chimney "A".


Chimney "B' is connected to the furnace. What are the possible gases that may come from this chimney in coal-fired power station?