For the users of the

Rockets in Science kit.

To assist teacher and students get the most from the Rockets in Science kit we have developed a code of conduct for all users. The CODE OF CONDUCT is a set of guidelines based on COMMON SENSE. All users of the DYNAMIC SCIENCE EDUCATION kits must abide by these guidelines.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Code Of Conduct.

1)      DESIGN – Do not alter the design of the rocket as purchased in the kit.

2)      ENGINES – Do not alter the engines supplied and ONLY use the engines supplied with each kit.

3)      LAUNCH SITE – Model rockets will be launched outdoors in a cleared area free of tree, power lines and dry grass. No rocket is to be launched within 5km of an airport and any rocket exceeding an altitude of 100m must be cleared by Air Traffic Control. (The A8-3 engines supplied in each kit will not exceed 100m when used with the kit rockets)

4)      STUDENTS – Students and personnel involved with the launch must maintain a distance of no  less than 80m from the launcher during firing. Students must be encouraged to observe the flight path of each rocket.

5)      IGNITION SYSTEM – Use an electrically operated launch system. We recommend a commercially available ignition system which has the appropriate safety devices. Leads should be at least 5m long so that the adult responsible for launching is at least 5m from the launch device when firing.

6)      LAUNCHER – Always launch model rockets from a stable device that provides rigid guidance until the rocket has reached its flight speed in the direction intended.

7)      LAUNCH ANGLE – The launch device should be pointed no MORE THAN 10 degrees from vertical when necessary during mild winds. NO rocket should ever be launched in a horizontal position or in the direction of spectators.

8)      LAUNCH SUPERVISION – NO STUDENT IS TO LAUNCH A MODEL ROCKET or BE IN CONTROL OF THE LAUNCH DEVICE. Teachers are responsible for launching rockets and supervising students during the launch procedure. Students must be encouraged to observe the rocket as it ascends and descends.

- A loud countdown must be given before each launch to alert spectators of the impending firing.

9)      SUPERVISION OF ENGINES – Students must not be given access to engines or be allowed to bring from home or take home an engine. Once the rocket is complete a responsible adult may be delegated to insert the engines into the rocket and put the rockets away for launch day.

10)   STUDENT BEHAVIOUR – During launch no student is to retrieve rockets as they are launched. Students must stay as a group and retrieve their rocket only when the last rocket has landed and only with teacher’s permission.

11)   MISFIRED ROCKET – As there is secondary charge in each engine to deploy the parachute adults responsible for retrieving rocket must wait until the parachute deployment charge has fired.