Forces- balloon rockets
Thrust and drag.

We can generate thrust to propel a balloon rocket along a string.

You will need:
- a long balloon
- 2 pieces of A4 paper
- cotton string or nylon string (fishing line)
- scissors
- sticky tape
- paper straw
Step 1 - Make a long cylinder using one of the A4 pieces of paper. Tape the ends of the paper together to secure the cylindrical shape.


Step 2 - With the other piece of paper make a cone and use tape once more to secure the edges of the paper.




Step 3 - Secdure the cone to the cylinder. You may wish to reinforce the back of the rocket with an extra layer of tape.
Step 4 - Cut the straw in half and tape it to the cylinder. Then thread the string through the straw.



Step 5 - Measure a 5m length of string and secure it approximately 1.5 metres off the ground.


Step 6 Place the balloon inside the rocket and inflate it .



Inflate the balloon with as many breaths as needed and release. Measure the length it travels along the string.



Investigate one of the questions below or select one of your own.
1) Does the volume of air trapped in the balloon have any impact on the distance the rocket travels?
2) Does the type of string influence the distance the rocket travels?

Record your results on this document or use it to help you record the results.