Energy worksheet 6
Burning candle wax provides the energy to make this Pot-Pot boat go round and round the kitchen sink. Click to see a 120kb movie. Water inside a metal chamber is heated and turned into steam. The steam expands quickly and pushes water out through the outlets. This provides the propulsion for the boat. As the steam cools, more water is sucked into the chamber and the process is repeated. Click to see an animation.
Describe the transformations of energy that take place in this simple Pot-Pot boat.
After viewing the video, are there any forms of energy that you would consider undesirable? **Hint- Listen.

Jonathon was asked to explain how the Pot-Pot boat propells itself forward."Easy" replied Jonathon. "As the water is heated it turns to steam. This steam expands and escapes through the exhaust and pushes the boat forward". Below is jonathon's explanation.

Look at the video of the Pot-Pot boat. Is this really how the boat works?

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