Rocket construction


Lay the parachute out and cut along the dotted lines
Step 1) Using a pair of scissors cut out the parachute along the dotted line. A good parachute design is crucial for the safe return of the rocket.

Step 2) Punch holes at each corner of the parachute at the point where the circles are present

Step 3) Tie a 40cm shroud line to each of the 6 corners of the parachute. Pass the shroud lines through the holes and tie. Use fine sewing cotton for the shroud lines.

Step 4) Tie the shroud lines to the screw eye, at the base of the nose cone, along with the shock cord.


click to see a video of how the parachute is ejected. The parachute is folded in a fine spike and inserted into the body of the rocket. Shroud lines tied to the parachute while the other end is tied to the screw eye on the nose cone. The parachute and shock cord are tied to the screw eye. Click to see a 120kb movie of the ejection charge