Rocket construction


1) Nose cone block- This forms the nose cone of the rocket and is shaped using sandpaper. The shape chosen should reduce pressure drag.

2) Engine holder- This holds the engine in place.

3) Two Spacer Rings- Centre the engine holder inside the body of the rocket.

4) Engine Lock- Prevents the engine from sliding out when the engine deploys the parachute.


5) Shock cord- secures the nose cone to the rocket as the parachute ejects.

6) Flush Mount Ring- provides a way for the nose cone to fit perfectly inside the body of the rocket.

7) Launch Lug- Guides the rocket upwards during the first metre of flight.

8) Fin Plate- Is used to cut out the fins of the rocket.

9) Body Tube-Provides the main feature of the rocket.

10) Parachute- Returns the rocket safely back to Earth. A good design is crucial to the safe return of the rocket.

11) Screw Eye- Secure the parachute and the shock cord to the nose cone

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