Rocket activity

Original worksheet was produced by Philip Anthony


Maximum height of rocket = H + h
Mass of rocket before firing = mi
Mass of rocket after fuel is exhausted = mf
Time from A to C (stopwatch) = tAC
Time from A to B = tAB
Time from B to C = tBC
Average drag from B to C = FBC
Vertical component of AB = xAB
Vertical component of BC = xBC
Distance between observers = D
Sight angles of observers = X1 , X2
Speed of rocket at B = vB

A. Calculating an Estimate of xAB
• Measure mi on an electronic balance

• Launch the rocket and measure tAC , X10 , X20

• Measure mf on an electronic balance.
The manufacturers quote the impulse and thrust delivered by an “A83” rocket motor as being respectively 2.5 N s and 13.6 N.
• What value does this give for tAB ? Hint
• What is the mean mass of the rocket as it moves from A to B? Hint
If air resistance is (temporarily) ignored what is your estimate of the net force on the rocket as it moves from A to B? Hint