Consider a model rocket launched skyward as shown below. Shade in the boxes to indicate how the forces of thrust, drag and gravity change along the rocket's flight path..

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See the video of the dynamic model rocket launch.
From launch to Point A fuel is burning producing thrust. Where at point A the fuel is spent and thrust is reduced to zero.
From point A to point B the rocket coasts to maximum height.
From Point B to point C the rocket free falls.
At point C the parachute is ejected.
From point C to touch down the rocket descends, at constant speed, with its parachute fully deployed.

1. What stage/s of the flight path are/is impacted by unbalanced forces?

2. What stage/s of the flight path are/is impacted by balanced forces?

3. What force/s are/is acting on the rocket as it remains on the ground after descending with its parachute?

4. What force is significantly changed when the parachute is deployed?



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