Construction of Hydraulicus


Supply each group of students with the items from the kit listed on the right.

Lets start.

Identify the following items from the kit.
Pass the cursor over the image on the left to identify the objects.

1) 8 Spacer-rings
2) 1 metre length tubing
3) 3 split pins
4) 3 blue syringe axles
5) 2 screw eyes
6) Elastic band
7) 2 syringe attachments
8) 2 pre-drilled 2.5ccm syringes
9) 1 pre-drilled 2.5ccm syringe with split pin attached.
10) 2 X 7 cm axles.
11) 3 X 2 cm spacer-tubes
12) 3 X 10 ccm syringes.
Hot glue guns or P.V.A.(white wood glue) can be used. If time permits use white wood glue otherwise a hot glue gun with appropriate supervision is recommended.




Syringe axles Spacer rings 7 cm axles 2 cm spacer tubes. Syringe attachments Split pins Screw eyes Tubing 10 ccm syringes 2.5 ccm syringes