Hydraulicus extension activity.

Engineers are always looking for ways to best build solutions to problems that hey encounter.

On the right is a video of a hydraulic device built from a kit. The video shows the basic movements of the device. The range of activities that this model can perform are limited. Students were tasked with making improvements to the model in the following:
- turning capacity of the hydraulic arm
- strength of the hydraulic arm
- capacity to pick up as many small objects as possible in a single try from a bucket and deliver them to a small container.

On the right is one attempt from a group to strengthen the arm and to increase its turning circle.

Obvious is the use of triangulation using wood on the external structure and the use of pulleys to maximise the turning circle of the arm. Also note the sturdy base used to support the device as it turns.



The video on the right shows the arm in action.



Hydraulics are essential for any robotic movement similar to muscles in the human body.

Sourced from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sBBaNYex3E

The extension to the basic model may also include the wiring of electric circuits to indicate the position of the hydraulic arm.