NASA has used Velcro to secure items and even people in space, as the image of sleeping astronauts on the right shows. Contrary to popular belief Velcro was not invented for the Space Program. However, since its invention, its appeal has grown.


Eating in the absence of gravity can be a challenge and sometimes fun. However food must be secured to the food tray at all times as it can float around the cabin and get


Custard and jelly can be eaten with a spoon. These substances are sticky and will remain on the spoon and not float away.


Food is secured to a tray. Some meals can be eaten as on earth but others, such as liquids, need to be specially prepared.


Drinking liquids in space has its challenges.


Heating food in space can be a problem. No open fires are allowed aboard the Space Shuttle for obvious reasons. Microwave ovens are not used, however, for the reason that they are so power hungry and the microwave radiation they produce can interfere with communication equipment. Other low power food warmers are used. Cooking in space is non existent, it is food warming of prepared food that takes place.
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