Extraction of copper- lesson 2



 Step 1 Place 7 - 8 pieces of magnesium strips of length 2 cm into the blue solution in the beaker.

- Give a detailed account of your observations.

  • What do you observe happens to the colour of the
    solution? Give a possible explanation.
  • What gas is given off? Describe how you can identify this gas.






- Observe the video on the right.
- Explain why this is a
displacement reaction.
- Describe what you can see happening when the magnesium pieces are added to the blue copper solution.

Step 6 Weigh a dry filter paper using the electronic balance. Record its mass

____________________ grams

Step 7 Filter the contents of the beaker through the filter paper. Thoroughly rinse with distilled water.

- Why is it important to wash the copper metal in the fliter paper?

Allow the filter paper and copper to dry overnight.

Lesson 3