Life cycle

The butterfly undergoes a natural process called complete metamorphosis. This process is characterised by a life cycle that includes a resting phase. In the butterfly's case, the resting phase is the chrysalis(pupa). The insect emerges from the pupa completely different to the form that started the pupa.

Incomplete metamorphosis is simpler than complete metamorphosis. Stick insect life-cycles are examples of incomplete metamorphosis. The juvenile gradually changes in form to look like the adult. The drastic transformation that occurs in complete metamorphosis does not occur in this procedure.

Does complete metamorphosis have an advantage, in helping the insect survive, over incomplete metamorphosis? Explain.

Can you name any other creatures that undergo complete or Incomplete metamorphosis?

Home of butterflies

The egg is the start of the life cycle . Click for more information. The mature insect. Click for more information. The resting stage. Click for more information The immature  insect. Its function is to eat and grow big and fat.