The pupa is well camouflaged amongst the leaves of the citrus tree. Its colour can change to match that of the surroundings.
The pupa is the resting phase of the life cycle of butterflies. The process of complete metamorphosis has a resting phase. Inside the pupa the butterfly cells develop while feeding on the chemical soup from the breakdown of the caterpillar cells.
Inside the pupa, also known as the chrysalis, the butterfly is well protected and can survive the harsh conditions of winter.

The chrysalis is secured to the branch through a silk harness spun by the caterpillar before it pupated. Camouflage is still a critical part of survival even for the pupa. It is camouflaged as a dry citrus leaf and its colour can change to blend in with its environment.

Why is the chrysalis so important to the insect's survival?

The emerging of the butterfly from the chrysalis is considered to be the last shedding of the insect's skin. Explain why?

Explain the difference between a cacoon and a pupa.

The dry shell of the pupa is left hanging after the butterfly has emerged.

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