Lead acid battery


Place two pieces of lead metal in a solution of 0.1M sulfuric acid. Connect one piece to the positive end of a power pack and the other to the negative end. Turn the dial to 6 volts and allow to sit for 10 minutes.
Disconnect the power pack and connect a small LED. Watch as the LED lights up.
a) Describe how one of the pieces has changed in colour. Why?
b) How does a car battery work?
c) How is your battery similar to a car

Set up the apparatus as shown on the left.
A chemical change has taken place and it is obvious from the colour change of the lead metal. We have actually stored electrical energy in the form of chemical energy. This chemical energy is in the form of chemical bonds within the new products that we have formed.

A chemical change of one of the pieces of lead. Electrical energy is stored as chemical energy.


Discharging the battery causes the conversion of chemical energy back into electrical energy. The LED connected across the terminals will light up in response to a current running through it. View the video on the right of the home made battery in action.

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Power pack Lead pieces in 0.1Msulfuric acid solution