Using yeast to make fermentation puffs.

Yeast cells undergo a process called fermentation. In this process special chemicals in the cells, called enzymes, break down sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction releases energy which is then used to carry out other life sustaining processes. The reaction can be written in a simple form:

sugar -----> alcohol + carbon dioxide + energy

There are many different sorts of chemicals known as enzymes. Each enzyme has a specific function. One enzyme, for example, breaks down starch into sugar while another breaks sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Enzymes are very special chemicals known as catalysts. Catalysts speed up the rate at which a reaction proceeds and is itself not used up in the reaction. Enzymes work only in a certain temperature range which is why yeast must be kept in a warm place.

There are about thirty different strains of yeast. Each has a different function and produce different enzymes. Yeast are commonly used by bakers and wine makers. Bakers use yeast for the production of carbon dioxide while wine makers prefer the alcohol.

Lets put yeast to work to make some delicious fermentation puffs.
You will need:
- Deep fryer
- Olive oil (2 litres)
- Plain flour(1.5kg)
- Cinnamon
- Yeast
- 2 eggs
- Teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt
- Honey
- Sesame seeds.
- Table spoon and something to scoop the puffs from the deep fryer.

Step 1. Place a satchel of dry yeast in a large mixing bowl.
Step 2 Add half a glass of warm (not hot) water.
Step 3 Add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.


Mix all the ingredients carefully until the yeast no longer stick together and the water looks brown.

Step 4 Crack two eggs and stir into the yeast mixture

Step 5 Add flour and warm water while mixing thoroughly. The mixture should now be thick and runny. Click to see a 120kb video. Place GladWrap over the top of the bowl and leave in a warm place for one to two hours. You may wish to cover the bowl with a thick cloth.
After two hours you will notice that the dough mixture has risen. It is now full of gas bubbles and is very warm.

Time to now get the deep fryer ready. Place two litres of olive oil in the deep fryer and set to a medium temperature. You do not want the oil to be too hot as the dough will cook quickly on the outside leaving the inside uncooked. Put some gloves on and lets go.

Step 6 Reach into the dough mixture and grab a hand full of dough. Click to see a 120kb video of the technique. Deep the table spoon in oil. Squeeze the dough in you rhand until it comes out from top of your fist as shown on the left. Scoop the ball of dough with the spoon and place it in the deep fryer. Repeat several times.
Step 7 Cook until the puffs are slightly brown.
Step 8 Place them on a tray and add honey

Add cinnamon and sesame seeds as required..


Why is warm water used to prepare the dough?
Why is sugar used as one of the ingredients?
What gas is present in the dough?
Why is the dough warm?
What do you expect to happen if the dough was allowed to cool?
why is it recommended that a thick cloth be placed over the dough mixture?