Mousetrap construction.
Construction of the boom.
The following instructions will outline the construction of a mousetrap vehicle as shown above. Click to see a 120kb video of this mouse trap racer and study its performance.
Step 1 Start with the items shown on the left.
Step 2 Draw a s structure of a chosen length. Use triangulation as shown on the right. Make three copies of this design.
Step 3 Place bamboo sticks along the lines drawn on the design. Glue the ends of the bamboo sticks that make contact with each other as shown on the left. Use white wood glue.
Use wire cutters or sharp scissors to cut the bamboo sticks.
The three pieces should be properly glued and allowed to dry.

Step 4 Glue the three triangulated structures together as shown on the right.

You now have the extension to the spring that allows you to wrap extra length of string around the rear axle.