Rocket construction

Launch set up

The thrill of the launch is depicted in the video on the left.

All supervising teachers should read the Code of Conduct before launch.

Pre launch inspection. Make sure that the metal engine lock is not bent over the exhaust nozzle. It should be bent so that it catches the cardboard casing of the engine. Thrust is severely reduced, if the engine lock is bent over the exhaust gases, while causing the rocket to arc into the ground upon launch.

Note how the yellow plug secures the igniter into the engine.

The igniter is now attached to the alligator clips. When attaching the alligator clips to the igniter make sure that the battery is not connected.

Make sure that all the fins are aligned for greater stability.

Never launch a model that does not pass a safety inspection or conatins a recovery system.

Students may design and prodcue their own saftety switch as part of the Technology course. An example of one is hown on the right. Although a 6 V battery can be connected straight to the igniter students may be encouraged to take on the challenge of designing and constructing a saftery switch as part of their electrical circuits course.

As part of the launch setup a cement heat proof mat with a hole drilled in the middle to take the launch rod is necessary

The launch rod stabilises the rocket in its initial 1 or 2 metres of flight.