Attaching the hydraulics to the jaw.

Step 1 Obtain one small syringe and a wooden axle.

Step 2 Pass the wooden axle through the hole of the plunger.

Step 3 Place the wooden axle through the small holes of the jaws and glue into position.



Step 4 Take another thin axle and slide through the small holes on the arm closest to the jaw, as shown on the right. Use the screw eye to make a hole in the thin axle before sliding through the holes.

Step 5 Now screw the screw eye onto the thin axle and slide two small rings on either side of the axle and glue into position.

Click To see what the assembly looks like.



Step 6 Now place the nozzle of the syringe through the screw eye and attach the tubing. Finally attach an elastic band to the syringe so that it returns quickly to the start position.



Click to see how the arm and jaw should look like so far.